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My Style

Josie Mendez, Fashion Stylist, describes T.J.’s style:

What makes T.J.’s style so special is the way he mixes elements of the surrounding area with fashion, personal insight and artistic flair. He’s fascinated by some of the most ordinary items, and tries to photograph them from unique perspectives or put them in a different light. T.J. really attempts to give the viewer a new way of looking at things. He is a fabulous photographer!

T.J. loves nature photography but shooting people is what really ignites his soul. His images are fun, refreshing, energetic, gritty, bold, hauntingly beautiful, edgy, thought provoking, truly original and absolutely stunning. T.J. sees taking an image as merely the initial step in creating a piece of art. It’s about having a natural eye behind the camera. It’s about knowing the light, the location, the subject. It’s about treating each client like a friend. And that’s what T.J. does best.


An Artist with a Social Conscious.

Bringing awareness to the needs of the people in Africa through photography is just one of the ways T.J. gives back to our community and the world. He also donates many hours to local community projects such as Feed the Bay. He is continually developing and working on innovative ways to use his camera to make an impact.


A Creative Spirit.

T.J. is a vault full of great ideas. He doesn’t sleep enough, his mind won’t let him. Whether it’s the next photo shoot or the next out-of-the-box idea that probably is too crazy to really pull off (but would sure be fun to try) T.J. refuses to slow down. That is why his career keeps moving forward.


A Family Man.

Living in Tampa, Florida, T.J. draws a lot of inspiration from God, his wife, Elizabeth, and their three children, Kaitlin, Tristan and Zachary. They also have a cat named Mufasa, but he's not usually as inspirational.