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What to Wear

Here are Fashion Stylist Josie Mendez's top ten suggestions for any photo session:

  • First and foremost, make sure you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. How you feel in a particular outfit will come through in photos.
  • Keep in mind the location of the shoot. What kind of colors would look best in that setting?
  • Mix up colors and textures. It will add depth to an image. It’s ok to wear different colors and patterns as long as they’re in a similar color family.
  • For family shots, clothes photograph better when you have layers and patterns, not just one shirt in one color. Again, it’s about adding depth which then gives something for the eye to be attracted to.
  • Pick a color genre–fall colors, brights, darks, primary colors.
  • Don’t be afraid of fun and vibrant colors. As long as the color doesn’t take the emphasis of the photo away from your face, it will actually help the portrait “pop”.
  • If you’re taking a family portrait, patterns should complement each other. Colors don't have to match, but they do need to go together. Clothing from the same color palette or based on colors in one outfit tend to create a cohesive look.
  • Stick to one style. If you’re in a group, make sure everyone is wearing one style of clothing such as formal, casual or contemporary.
  • Avoid loud patterns, huge logos or words on an outfit. A smaller pattern on part of an outfit will work much better.
  • Bring accessories or props that pull together the outfit.

Overall, remember to be yourself! The best images are the ones where you are having fun and where your personality shines through.


Now, here are some general suggestions regarding what clothes to bring/wear to your portrait session:

For women

  • Ruffled blouse with pencil skirt and wide belt
  • DO wear tops that lengthen the neck; round neck if your thin and svelte; V-neck if you’re top heavy
  • Maxi Dresses
  • High-wasted Wide legged Pants
  • Belts – wide or skinny over tops/blouses
  • Boot cut trouser jeans/Skinny Jeans
  • Knee High fashion Boots
  • Leggings
  • Long knit sweaters with a belt
  • Pair a crochet or Macramé top or vest with an updated pair of bell bottoms and a floppy felt hat for a look that's straight out of the '70s yet oh-so-now.

For Girls

  • Hats: A very hot geeky-chic look for 2012 is a retro aviator-inspired "bomber" hat with ear flaps. Also, knit hats and beanies in neutrals, bright colors, or in classic winter snowflake designs - with or without a pompom on top.
  • Scarves - Faux-fur scarves are super-trendy. Plaid, cable knits, and bright colors are also important this year.
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Jumpers/Sweaters
  • Vibrant colored blouses
  • Patterned Tights
  • Flirty Skirts
  • Fitted colored T-shirts
  • Layer modern and retro looks

For Men

  • Button down/collared shirts
  • Check and Tartan Shirts
  • Plaid ties worn with an average white shirt
  • Polo’s
  • Fitted sweaters
  • T-shirts: V-neck/crew neck make for good layering pieces or on their own.
  • Dress Slacks
  • Khakis
  • Jeans
  • Belt

To the left, please find a few suggested color palettes for every type of mood.